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Double Ninth Festival

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The significance of the Double Ninth Festival includes respecting the elderly, respecting ancestors, and being grateful. For a long time, people have had customs such as climbing high to pray for blessings, planting dogwood, and worshiping gods and ancestors on the Double Ninth Festival. In "Remembering Shandong Brothers on September 9th": "I know from afar that when brothers climb high, there will be one less person planted with dogwood trees." It illustrates this day of reunion and expresses the poet's longing for his relatives.

The Double Ninth Festival, New Year's Eve, Qingming Festival, and July Half are known as the four traditional ancestor worship festivals in China. In addition to the significance of worshiping ancestors, the Double Ninth Festival also represents longing and reunion, and now it also represents gratitude and respect for the elderly. Climbing high to appreciate autumn and being grateful and respectful to the elderly are two important themes of today's Double Ninth Festival activities. Advocate the whole society to establish a culture of respecting, filial piety and loving the elderly.

The origin of the Double Ninth Festival on September 9th

The Double Ninth Festival has been mentioned as early as in the "Chu Ci" written during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Qu Yuan wrote in his "Yuan Yuan": "Gathering on the Double Ninth Festival, we entered the imperial palace and visited the Qing capital at the beginning of Xun Dynasty." The "Double Ninth Festival" here refers to the sky, not to the festival.

Cao Pi, Emperor Wen of the Wei Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period, clearly wrote about the Double Ninth Festival banquet in his "Book of Nine Days and Zhong Yao": "As the years go by, the ninth day of the ninth month suddenly returns. Nine is the yang number, and the sun and the moon correspond to each other. The common people praise his name and think it is suitable for a long time, so he enjoys banquets and high gatherings."

Tao Yuanming, a scholar of the Jin Dynasty, said in the preface to the poem "Nine Days of Leisure": "When I live leisurely, I love the name of Jiu. The garden is full of autumn chrysanthemums, while I hold the mash for a long time. I admire Jiuhua in the sky and place my thoughts on words." Both chrysanthemums and wine are mentioned here. Probably during the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the practice of drinking and appreciating chrysanthemums on the Double Ninth Festival began. In the Tang Dynasty, Double Ninth Festival was officially designated as a folk festival.

In the Ming Dynasty, on the Double Ninth Festival in September, everyone in the palace would eat flower cakes together to celebrate, and the emperor would personally go to the Long Live Mountain to climb high to clear his autumn aspirations. This custom has been passed down to the Qing Dynasty.


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