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  • What Is Feed Pellet Machine——SUNSHINE INDUSTRIES
    The classification of feed pellet machineFeed pellet machine, divided into the ring die feed pellet mill, flat die feed pellet mill, roller feed particles.Ring Die Pellet MachineAccording to the application, it can be divided into small household pellet feed machine, poultry feed pellet machine, sma Read More
  • SUNSHINE Industrial Biomass Pellet Machine Introduction
    Biomass pellet machine is a kind of pellet equipment commonly used in biomass energy industry. It is a new type of fuel molding machine that presses biomass raw materials such as branches and straws into rod-shaped particles after crushing to replace coal. Biomass pellet machine is divided into flat Read More
  • 350 small flat touch features
    350 flat mold1. The pressed particles have the characteristics of high density, high combustion value, low moisture content, low ash content, etc.2. The hydraulic oil delivery system can automatically circulate oil between the gearbox and the main shaft bearing.3. The grinding plate and pressure rol Read More
  • Common models of biomass pellet machines - flat die and ring die pellet machines
    Currently, there are two main types of biomass pellet machines commonly used in the industry, namely flat membrane pellet machines and ring membrane pellet machines. Flat membrane pellet machines adopt structure and technology, which is relatively simple flat membrane technology, but has certain sel Read More
  • Feed processing equipment
    Sunshine Industry is here to popularize science for everyone!Feed machinery and equipment most need to improve the automation control level of the equipment, thereby increasing the degree of automation of the equipment, thereby increasing production efficiency and output. As for whether feed machine Read More
  • Methods to prevent feed pellet machine failures
    Sunshine Industry is here to popularize science for everyone!Check the feed pellet machine and parts on time. First, check whether the oscillating parts such as bolts and bearings on the worm gear and worm slider are loose and worn. If any defect is found, no further use is allowed.The feed pellet u Read More
  • Feed resource status
    The status of feed resources investigated by Sunshine Industry is summarized as follows:01feed grain raw materialsFeed grains mainly include corn, sorghum, barley, rice, potatoes and other miscellaneous grains used as feed.The proportion of feed grain in conventional concentrated feed has always bee Read More
  • Extruder operation knowledge
    1. Basic knowledge of operating the extruder1. Before pre-starting the machine on the same day, check whether the water reservoir of the conditioner can be circulated and fully supplied?2. Check whether the cold water in the extruder and drying box is completely and smoothly discharged?3. Check whet Read More
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