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Factors Affecting the Quality and Safety of Feed Products

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Feed quality usually refers to the nutritional value of feed, and the nutritional value of feed is generally evaluated by chemical composition, including moisture, crude protein and crude fat.

Feed safety includes several aspects such as feed raw materials containing toxic and harmful substances, pollution during production and processing, and prohibited added substances. Daily work mainly monitors illegal additives such as antibiotics, natural toxins, and pollutants.

Affecting the quality and safety of feed products

Main factors 1. Main factors affecting the quality of feed products

1. Differences in origin of feed ingredients

my country has a vast territory, and even the same kind of feed has different nutritional components due to different origins. For example, corn is one of the main raw materials for feed, and the nutritional content of corn in different regions is different. The same variety of corn planted in the Northeast has higher sugar, amino acid and protein content than those planted in the South due to sufficient sunlight. Corn is taller.

2. The production and processing technology or processing technology is different

Raw material cleaning, crushing, batching, mixing. Pelleting is one of the five major processes in feed processing, and each process has a key control point that affects feed quality. Management measures such as the accuracy of the mixer, the mixing uniformity of the mixer, the modulation or puffing effect during the granulation process are not strictly implemented, which will cause differences in the nutritional status of feed products.

3. Some feed ingredients are not properly detoxified in the early stage. Some plant feed ingredients contain toxic and harmful substances such as alkaloids, glycosides, and nitrites. Some animal feed ingredients contain toxic and harmful substances such as histamine, antithiamine, and chicken gizzards. Substances, if these undetoxified raw materials are used to produce feed products, it is easy to cause poisoning or death.

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