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Feed processing equipment

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Feed machinery and equipment most need to improve the automation control level of the equipment, thereby increasing the degree of automation of the equipment, thereby increasing production efficiency and output. As for whether feed machinery and equipment can produce powdered and granular feed, this is of course possible. Feed extruders in feed machinery and equipment can be used to expand raw materials such as corn, soybeans, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, etc. It can also be used for fish meal, bone meal, skin meal, feather meal, etc.

What is essential for small pig feed in feed processing equipment? Mini pig feed is vital in feed processing equipment, including crushers and mixers. Small farms have crushing, mixing, extruding and pelleting in feed preparation. Therefore, the corresponding feed processing equipment is different, and drying equipment should be added if necessary.

Is the preparation process of concentrated feed the same as compound feed? From a professional perspective, concentrated feed refers to a feed that does not contain energy. Therefore, compared with ordinary feed, there are some differences in feed processing equipment, but they are not the same. Specifically, it is different in the breaking process.

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