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Fish Feed Manufacturing Process Plant Project

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Fish Feed Manufacturing Process Plant Project produce dry Feeds (Pellet and Extruder Feeds)

Dry Feeds (Pellet and Extruder Feeds)
• 1. Nutritional content of the feed is guaranteed (you can exactly know the nutritional level of the feed),
• 2. there is no change according to the season of the year,
• 3. You can buy it whenever you want from fish feed plants,
• 4. It is easy to store the feed.

• 1. Requires mechanization and automation,
• 2. It is more expensive than moisture feeds

Introduction to Dry Feeds
• Pellet Feeds
• Extruder Feeds

Fish feed manufacturing process
• 1. Intake ingredients,
• 2. Grinding,
• 3. Mixing
• 4. Conditioning,
• 5. Pelleting
• 6. Sieving, drying and cooling
• 7. Packing

Grinding: Variety of raw ingredients requires size reduction.
Particle size is critical to mechanical and chemical activity A major step in raw material preparation

Benefits of grinding:
“Large surface area for reaction
“Efficient & fast pre-conditioning
“Prevents from die plugging
“Visual appearance

Grinding provides;
• Reduced particle size results in conditioner better water penetration and improved gelatinization
• Improved product appearance
• Reduced incidence of die orifices plugging
• Ease of cooking
• Reduced product breakage and fines
• Increased water stability
• Improved retention of liquid coatings due to small cell structure
• Particle size is critical to mechanical and chemical activity
• Finally: increased digestibility

Grinding equipments; Hammer Mill: water-drop hammer mill9FQ Crushing machine
• Low investment costs
• 85% grinding success (especially good down to 150-250 microns)
• High capacity (10 mt/hour)
• Low energy costs (1.85-2.25 USD/mt)
• Easy maintenance (0.20-0.25 USD/mt)
• Total grinding cost: 1.20-1.55 USD/mt

Mixing: The process is as important as grinding. If you grind ingredients
but then you should mix them homogenously. So mixing is;
• To assist in obtaining a more homogenous grind,
• To increase the efficiency of the grinding process: e.g. high oil content ingredient such as fish meal, full fat soybean meal,
• would, easily clog the hammer mill screens if ground separately. Grinding a complete ration would lower mixture oil content thus improving grinding
• performance.
• Mixing time 3-5 minutes, mixer speed 25-30 rpm (rpm: rotation per minute)
• Please remember, every formulation has its mixing time. If you get over the mixing time ingredients start to be decomposed
• Please remember, to put very small amount of ingredients like additives at the middle of filling the mixer.

Mixing equipments: are evaluated in two groups;
• 1. Continious mixing
• 2. Partial mixing
a. Vertical mixers
b. Horizontal mixers (Welt mixers and pallet mixers)

Vertical mixers: Grinded ingredients are sent to vertical mixers, the spiral container transport the ingredients above of the mixer. Spiral material helps to mix them while transporting.
• Vertical mixers provide fish feed plants to save place.

Horizontal mixers, welt mixers provide;
• uniform mix in low speed,
• homogenous distribution of grinded ingredients,
• great partial capacity.

Horizontal mixers, batch mixers provide;
• mixing of partial ingredients completely,
• mixing ingredients in different densities,
• to add liquid in to the mixing ingredients

Pellet machine include two type, dry type fish feed machine and wet type fish feed machine

wet type fish feed machine
Conditioning; is the last important process point before extrusion, provides;
• To mix water, steam and oils in the dry material (mixed ingredients),
• To moisturizing the feed particles,
• To transfer the steam’s heat in to the particles.
• Water, steam and oils are added respectively.
• Conditioning gets some advantages in the system because;
• Lengthens the life of extruder,
• Increase the speed of production,
• Increase the product quality.

Important points effect the conditioning are:
• Time: 2 – 3 min.
• Temperature: minimum 95 C
• Moisture: 20 – 24 %

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