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Made in China Wood Ring die Pellet Making Machine

Sunshine Wood Ring die pellet machine is used for making different size biomass pellet ,the raw material can be wood log,sawdust,EFB,rubber,branch,palm tree,wood chips,and other forestry waste.
  • ZC450

Product Description


         Wood Ring Die Pellet machine Mainly for wood chips, straw, cotton stalks, rice straw, rice husks, peanut shells, bamboo powder, palm empty fruit bunches and other plant wastes, as well as the granulation of carbon powder, waste paper and other materials. The machine has a compact structure, easy operation and stable operation. , Can work continuously, the compressed particles have the characteristics of high density, high combustion value, low moisture, low ash, etc.


1. Gearbox: It adopts high-precision gear transmission and is equipped with an automatic hydraulic circulating oil system, which ensures the service life of the gearbox and the working stability of the pellet mill.

2. Vertical motor: It works vertically, and its outstanding feature is that the mounting hole is centered on the output shaft, and the circumference is equidistantly distributed, which makes the machine run with greater power and stability.

3. Fan system: It is located on the side of the working bin of the pellet machine, and its working time can be freely controlled. The main function is to help the working bin of the pellet machine to remove dust and discharge steam.

4. Workpiece part: The mold and the pressing roller are made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel. The heat treatment process is independently completed by our company. The hardness can reach above 52, which not only ensures the granulation effect, but also enhances the service life. The working method is extruding from the inside to the outside. Out type, the combination of centrifugal force and extrusion force increases the output while ensuring the hardness and density of the particles. The unique design of 4-8 pressing rollers increases the extrusion frequency and improves the output. The mold is "vertical double layer" Design, the same aperture can be used up and down to increase the service life of the workpiece, and two types of molds with different apertures can be used, which saves the cost of purchasing additional molds to make particles of different sizes.






Technical parameter


Model Capacity Power Machine size Machine weight
ZC450 800-1200KG/H
1400*750*1550MM 2200KG
ZC550 1500-2000KG/H 90KW 1900*950*1800MM 4000KG
ZC800 2000-3000KG/H
160KW 2500*1350*2100MM 6500KG
ZC1000 3000-4000KG/H
200KW 2650*1450*2100MM 8000KG

Suitable Raw material and Final product


Delivery pictures


Technical Service

(1)Design for production  line flow  and  equipment  layout freely  according  to the  site.

(2)Supply  the foundation drawing  of  equipment  and  drawing  of  parts made  by  buyer

(3)Supply  the technical  parameters  of  peripheral  equipment.

(4)During  the  operation,  we can  offer  the  technology  service  freely  if  the  user  needs to  adjust  the  layout  and  application.

(5)During the  operation, we  only  collect  the cost  if  the  user  willing  to  upgrade  the  equipment  when  we  have the  advantage technology.

After-sales  service

(1)During the  installation  and  commissioning, we  shall  send  our  technician  to the  site for  guiding  the  installation and  commissioning.

(2)During the  installation  and  commissioning, we  offer  training service

(3)The quality  assurance date  is one year  after  commissioning.

(4)If  the  equipments  appear  the equipment  failure  because  of  improper  handling  of user,  we  are in  charge of  maintenance,  and  collect the appropriate  cost.

(5)We  offer  the  components  with  favorable  price,  perdurable  maintenance.  After  quality  assurance  date,  if the equipments need to be repaired, we only collect  the  cost price.

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Tel: +86 18103710497
Whatsapp: +86 18103710497
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