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Sunshine Industrial Company Travel Diary

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In this spring full of March, we went on a trip, and our happiness was beyond words. In order to celebrate the arrival of March 8 Women's Day, Sunshine Industrial Company specially took the company's employees to visit the famous 5A-level scenic spots. The scenery is unique and beautiful, and it is relaxing. It is a joy to enjoy the scenery in the mountains all the time!


First, we went to two famous scenic spots in Yuntai Mountain, Hongshi Gorge and Tanpu Gorge. As the name suggests, the stones of Hongshi Gorge are red, and they look very beautiful under the sun. It is understood that these stones have been formed for 1.2 billion years. Let us Very amazing! The scenery along the way of Tanpu Gorge is very beautiful. Every stream is cool and cool. The process of climbing up made us sigh the green mountains and clear waters. The mountains are high and the water is long.


Then we went to Zhuyu Peak, the highest scenic spot in Yuntai Mountain, at an altitude of 1308 meters. We climbed for nearly 2 hours to the top of the mountain. The wind on the top of the mountain was very strong. The road is quite strenuous, but the more you climb, the more beautiful the scenery is. The clouds and mist between the peaks and the dreamlike scene make people feel open-minded. Small feeling, the mountain wind blows, I feel very refreshing


Things in the world, as long as there is an idea in the heart, it will eventually be fulfilled in time. The meaning of this trip is to find a different self and happiness no matter how busy the work is. The trip to Yuntai Mountain prepared by Sunshine Industrial made us feel the warmth of the company , Let female employees feel the brilliance and pride of being a woman. Thank you very much Sunshine Industry for organizing the mountain climbing trip this time, let us find happiness in the warmth!

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