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The influence of conditioning effect on feed pellet machine

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Does anyone know what the pelletizing standards are for ring die feed pellet machines? The three points of proper moisture content of raw materials, good steam quality and sufficient conditioning time are relatively important. If there is a problem with conditioning, it can easily cause blockage. So Sunshine Industry will talk to you today about the specific impact of conditioning and tempering on granulation.

The conditioning effect of raw materials before granulation is very important because it directly affects the production and quality of the granulator. Because the raw materials are not fully processed and matured before granulation, it is difficult to ensure the stability of the material in the water.

So what is conditioning? In fact, the powder materials are pretreated before granulation. The raw materials are fully mixed in steam, the raw materials are softened, the starch is gelatinized, and the powder can inhibit molding. Long-term insulation, heating, and humidification are required to improve the surface and internal quality of granular materials.

That’s it for today’s topic. If you want to know more about feed pellet machines, please leave a comment below or continue to follow Sunshine Industrial!

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