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What is the best way to use rice straw?

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Farmers all know that straw straw has high nutritional value as feed, but it is not easy to make feed, so straw straw is a relatively big problem. So let’s talk about how to make straw feed before!

First of all, we need to understand straw. Straw can be used not only as feed but also as fuel.

Then we must also consider the moisture requirements of the straw before making pelleting. If the moisture of the straw is too little, the pelleting effect will be poor. It is recommended that the moisture of the straw be controlled at about 13% ~ 20%, and it should be dried reasonably to control excessive water loss. .

Sun-dried rice straw is a starchy material and has relatively good adhesion. During granulation, the granulation effect can be achieved without adding other binders. But it still needs to be operated according to the actual situation. It is recommended to match the thickness.

It is impossible to put straw directly into the feed pellet machine. It needs to be crushed. It is best to ensure that the size of the material is less than 3mm before pelletizing. This requires the use of a feed crusher.

If you need to add other raw materials, you also need a feed mixer to stir, and then put them into a feed pellet machine for granulation.

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