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What kind of feed machinery is suitable for small chicken farms?

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For small chicken farms and feed processing plants, what kind of feed processing equipment should be used in the production of feed? First of all, chicken feed processing equipment is the necessary mechanical equipment. Since farm native chickens settled in the base, in order to keep the meat and eggs of native chickens delicious and nutritious, most manufacturers adopt the breeding method of formulating their own formulas, purchasing feed raw materials, and processing and preparing them themselves.

For family chicken farmers, a chicken feed processing equipment can produce chicken feed pellets. At present, the small output of a single pellet machine equipment on the market varies.

For small farms or feed processing plants, one pellet machine is far from enough, and users need to choose according to their own scale and daily output.

The feed processing equipment has a vertical design, which is easy to operate and maintain. The capacity of the vertical mixer is optional, and the 1-2 ton model is always available for customers to choose. It is easy to clean, made of stainless steel, easy to clean without rust, evenly mixed, and has a fast stirring speed, which can ensure the consistency of each batch of materials, save costs, and have investment Small size, quick effect, less land occupation, labor saving and high benefit. Can be customized, can be customized according to customer workshop height requirements.

Small chicken feed processing machinery is suitable for premix, livestock and poultry, aquatic feed, additives, chemicals, pharmaceutical fertilizers and other industries. The unit structure is simple, compact, energy-saving, easy to operate and maintain, and has wide adaptability to materials. For small farms, after crushing and mixing, it can be temporarily used as a storage silo, and then processed after use.

The small chicken feed processing machine has the dual functions of crushing and stirring. Low power consumption and small footprint. The structure is simple and the assembly and disassembly are convenient.

The pellets produced by chicken feed processing equipment basically do not need to add water, and belong to dry in and dry out. The pressed feed pellets can be stored for about half a year, which is helpful for farmers to store the feed pellets needed by animals before winter. The high temperature generated by the feed pellet machine during the working process can sterilize the feed without affecting the quality of the feed.

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