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Advantages of using fermented feed to feed chickens, ducks and geese

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1. Vinotrophic bacteria play an extremely important role in the feed fermentation process. With the advancement of science and technology and the development of the breeding industry, people have higher and higher requirements for feed. Traditional feed can no longer meet the needs of animals, and the new Vinotrophic bacteria feed, as an important fermentation strain, plays a key role in feed fermentation. Can provide more nutrients and improve taste.

2. During the feed fermentation process, vinotrophic bacteria can decompose carbohydrates such as starch and produce a large amount of sugar substances, such as glucose, fructose, etc. These sugars not only provide energy, but also provide rich nutrients to animals. Therefore, through the fermentation of Vinotrophic bacteria, it can provide rich nutrition, improve taste, enhance the appetite of animals, and promote their growth and development.

2. The production process of Vinotrophic bacteria fermented feed and the various benefits it brings:

1. First of all, the production process of Vinotrophic bacteria fermented feed is quite simple. The main materials needed include corn stalks, wheat straw, soybean straw, sweet potato vines, straw, green grass, leaves, etc. These materials are common agricultural waste in our daily lives. Through simple processing and fermentation, they can be turned into nutritious feed.

2. Secondly, the production process of this feed can not only effectively utilize agricultural waste and reduce environmental pollution, but also expand our feed sources. Vinotrophic bacteria fermented feed is rich in microorganisms, which can help animals digest food and improve their digestion and absorption capabilities. At the same time, these microorganisms can also produce some beneficial substances, such as vitamins, amino acids, etc., which can improve the immunity of animals and make them healthier.

3. Save concentrate and promote animal growth. By rationally utilizing the role of microorganisms, we can convert some difficult-to-digest and absorb substances in roughage into simple and easy-to-digest and absorb forms, thus improving the nutritional value of the feed. The processing of roughage through microbial fermentation greatly improves the utilization rate of feed. This not only reduces breeding costs, but also reduces the burden on the environment.

4. Environmental protection and health safety also need to be paid attention to when handling animal manure. If not handled properly, animal waste can harbor harmful bacteria and parasites, posing a threat to the environment and human health. Therefore, in the process of utilizing animal manure, scientific treatment methods should be adopted, such as composting, anaerobic fermentation, etc., to ensure the safety and effective use of fertilizers.

3. Taking Vinozootroph fermented feed as an example, it adopts advanced microbial fermentation technology. The fermented feed has a slight alcoholic aroma and contains various functional microbial communities such as lactobacilli, yeasts and filamentous fungi. The total effective functional live bacteria content exceeds 10 billion/g and is specially used for fermentation and production of various refined feeds. It can ferment all feeds that need to be fermented and is a purely natural, green microbial product.

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