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Characteristics of extruded floating fish feed

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In order to improve the utilization and digestion and absorption rate of feed, reduce the impact of feed on the water environment, and improve the efficiency of aquaculture production, aquatic science and technology workers have made unremitting efforts.

By optimizing the feed formula, improving the quality of feed machinery, and improving the processing technology, better economic and social benefits have been obtained. The production of fish feed by extruding processing method is an important research achievement in feed processing. The current twin-screw extruder can produce floating, slow sinking and sinking feeds according to the needs of aquaculture production. Among them, the extruded floating fish feed has been well popularized and applied due to its special functions and functions that cannot be compared with sinking feeds.

1.The extruded floating fish feed can float on the water surface for a long time, which is convenient for feeding and management, and is conducive to saving labor. Since the extruded floating fish feed can float on the water surface for a long time, the feeding situation of the fish can be well observed after feeding, and it is convenient to adjust the feeding amount according to the feeding situation of the fish. The condition of the fish to the surface to feed to understand the growth and health status. Breeders can calculate the amount of bait to be fed according to the species, specifications, quantity, water temperature and feeding rate of the fish to be farmed, and feed them quickly, which not only saves a lot of time, but also improves labor productivity. Go to see the fish feed extruder machine.

2.Extruded floating fish feed is beneficial to improve feed utilization. Due to the processing conditions of high temperature and high pressure, the starch in the feed is ripened and fat is more conducive to digestion and absorption, and the fiber structure and cell wall are destroyed and softened, and the gossypol in cottonseed meal and the antitrypsin in soybean are destroyed, thereby improving the palatability and digestibility of the feed. In addition, due to the physical and chemical changes of the puffing process, the puffed feed generally produces less than 1% of the powder, which directly improves the effective utilization of the feed. Under normal circumstances, the use of extruded floating feed for fish farming can save 5-10% of feed compared with powder or other pellet feeds.

3. The use of extruded floating fish feed can reduce water pollution. The extruded floating fish feed will not dissolve in water for a long time. The floating time of high-quality floating fish feed can be as long as about 24 hours, and the feeding is easy to observe and control, so as to reduce or avoid the impact of powder and residual bait on the water body. pollution, which is extremely beneficial to environmental protection and the growth of fish.
Extruded floating fish feed has a wide range of application prospects.

In terms of farming methods, extruded floating fish feed has a wide range of applicability. Floating fish feed can be used in pond fish farming, paddy field fish farming, running water fish farming, cage fish farming, industrial fish farming, and intensive farming on large water surfaces. Especially for fish farming in mountain flat ponds, fish farming in paddy fields and intensive farming on large water surfaces with low breeding density, the use of floating fish feed has more advantages than other feeds. From the perspective of cultured species, whether it is freshwater fish or marine fish, except for a few benthic fish that are extremely difficult to domesticate to feed on the water surface, they can eat floating fish feeds well, such as perch, snakehead, trout, Famous and excellent species such as American frog, soft-shelled turtle, turtle, and channel catfish, as well as conventionally farmed grass carp, carp, crucian carp and other species.

For species such as frogs and sea bass with special physiological functions, it is more convenient to use floating feed for breeding, and it can show its advantages. According to different species and different growth and development stages, we can produce extruded floating fish feed that is suitable for its caliber and nutritional needs, which can well meet the needs of conventional aquaculture and special aquaculture for its feed, which is convenient for breeding producers. It can also promote the development of production.


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