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Common straw feed uses

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Soybean straw includes soybean straw, pea straw and broad bean straw. Since most of the leaves of leguminous crops fall off after they mature, soybean straw is mainly composed of stems. The stems are lignified and hard in texture, and their vitamins and protein are also reduced. However, compared with grass straw, their crude protein content and digestibility are lower. are higher. The digestible energy contained in air-dried soybean straw is: 0.71MJ/kg for pigs, 6.82MJ/kg for cattle, and 6.99MJ/kg for sheep. Therefore, soybean straw and other soybean straw are suitable for feeding ruminants, especially for feeding. Among all kinds of bean straw, pea straw has the highest nutritional value, but the new pea straw has more water content and is easy to rot and turn black, so it should be dried in time and stored. When using soybean straw feed, it must be well processed and mixed with other refined roughage for feeding.

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