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How should feed contain powder rate to do high?

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In the process of pellet feed processing, the high pulverization rate not only affects the feed quality, but also increases the processing cost and affects the feed storage and transportation to a certain extent.  
Then it is necessary to control the rate of pulverization, the first is the determination of the rate of pulverization. Feed mills are generally after the completion of finished product packaging process or stacking sample determination, the detection result is intuitive reflect the pulverization rate of feed, but it does not do it for each working procedure link pulverization rate fluctuations reflect, it is recommended that to effectively monitor each process and to make prevention and control, the other recommended manufacturers need to determination of feed to transport to the farmers feeding before the pulverization rate,  It represents the final pulverization rate quality result.  

The following is the analysis of each process link: 

1, formula: due to the different varieties of feed formula, it makes its processing difficulty degree is different, generally speaking, crude protein, crude fat content is lower feed, its granulation processing is easy, on the contrary, crude protein, crude fat content is higher, it is not easy to shape after granulation, loose particles, high powder rate.  Comprehensive consideration of feed quality, formula is the premise, in the case of meeting the nutritional ratio should be considered as far as possible granulation difficulty.  In order to ensure the comprehensive quality.  

2.Crushing process:  Feed grinding particle size directly affect the quality of granulating, the smaller the particle, the greater the surface area of the unit weight material, granulation when the better bonding, granulation quality is higher, affect the quality of granulation, conversely but crushing particle size is too small to cause crushing process cost increases, some nutrients, how to choose according to the comprehensive quality requirements and cost control different material crushing granularity,  It is the key to lay a good foundation for granulation process.

Suggestion: Particle size of livestock and poultry feed powder before granulation: more than 16 mesh.  Particle size of aquatic feed powder before granulation: more than 40 mesh.  

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