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How to prepare your own fish feed

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Formula requirements

For the fish feed formula and application technology, the type and growth stage of cultured fish shall be considered when designing the formula, and the level of protein, energy and other nutrients in the feed shall be determined. It is not only necessary to meet the needs of fish growth for protein, but also to make the proportion of energy and protein moderate. Too high or too low energy protein ratio is not conducive to fish growth. When designing the formula, the relationship between feed nutrition and capacity should also be considered. It is necessary to ensure that the fish can take in enough nutrition and feel full at the same time. Generally speaking, the price of protein feed is higher than that of energy feed. Do not increase the proportion of energy feed and reduce the proportion of protein feed for the sake of cheapness, which will inevitably increase the cost of feed. In the selection of raw materials, adhere to the principles of high quality and low price, stable supply of goods and convenient transportation. The more kinds of raw materials, the better. As long as conditions permit, this can ensure the balance of essential amino acids in the feed and meet the needs of fish for various essential amino acids to the maximum extent. Never use moldy and deteriorated raw materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of using self ingredients in aquaculture

(1) Advantages of self batching

1. It can reduce the breeding cost. Self assembly of raw materials can effectively reduce feed cost by reducing all links in feed circulation.

2. Visible raw materials with guaranteed quality can effectively prevent moldy raw materials and low-quality raw materials from entering the feed.

3. The raw materials in the feed can be flexibly adjusted to meet their own breeding needs.

(2) Disadvantages of self batching

1. Compared with large feed factories, feed formulation is lack of scientificity and rationality.

2. Most farmers can not accurately grasp the quality of fish meal raw materials, and it is easy to buy poor quality or fake fish meal, which affects the quality of self prepared fish meal.

3. The processing technology of feed processing plants needs to be improved, especially some small processing plants. The processed feed often has problems such as uneven mixing of raw materials, high feed crushing rate, and easy dispersion after entering water

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