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Main Factors Affecting Feed Product Safety

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1. Feed raw materials or feed products are moldy. The air humidity in the southern region is relatively high, especially in the rainy season every year. Improper moisture-proof measures for feed raw material warehouses can easily cause moldy feed raw materials. If moldy raw materials are used to produce feed products, the mycotoxins in the feed products are likely to exceed the standard. Even if the feed products are produced with non-mold raw materials, if they are stored for too long or soaked in rainwater during transportation, the feed will become moldy.

2. The impact of environmental pollution on feed materials In some areas, due to industrial pollution and excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural production, the content of heavy metals in soil or groundwater exceeds the standard or contains other toxic and harmful compounds. Heavy metals or other toxic and harmful substances in feed ingredients grown from these soils will also pose a great threat to feed safety and food safety.

3. Insufficient or excessive addition of mineral trace elements From a nutritional point of view, an appropriate amount of mineral trace elements can promote the growth and development of animals, but the more the better. If the added trace elements exceed the allowable range, it may cause animal poisoning or physical discomfort, otherwise it may cause animal malnutrition. In order to meet the needs of some customers, some feed production enterprises add excessive trace elements to the feed. Long-term feeding of feed with excessive trace elements will lead to excessive heavy metal content in some animals, which will not only affect the quality and safety of livestock products, but also pollute the environment.

4. The illegal addition of functional feed additives in the illegal drug market is becoming more and more common. Some functional feed additives, such as microorganisms, enzyme preparations, plant extracts, polysaccharides, etc., claim to have the effect of replacing "antibiotics". These substitute products may illegally add prohibited substances. If functional feed additives containing illegally added prohibited substances are used to produce commercial feed, the commercial feed will also contain prohibited substances.

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