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Poultry animal feed pellet making mill machine diesel engine power

Why choose diesel feed pellet machine
1. More cost-effective
2. No energy limitation
3. It is convenient to work at the nearby farm
Diesel feed pellet mills are known to be the best choice for those who want to reduce production.
This diesel pellet machine can be put into use in many areas, especially in remote areas with insufficient electricity.

Product Description

Feed granule machine (also known as: granule feed machine, feed granule machine, granule feed molding machine), belongs to the feed granule equipment. It is a feed processing machine with corn, soybean meal, straw, grass and rice husk as raw materials and directly pressed into granules after grinding raw materials.

Advantages of diesel feed pellet Machine

1. Driven by diesel engine.

2. The rollers and die are made from precise material of alloy metal, which makes this core part

wear-resistant and not easy to break.

3. Easy to get materials: corn, wheat, soybean, grass, alfalfa, straw, rice husk, etc.

4. It can be applied to cattle feed processing, fish feed processing, poultry farms, cattle farms,

small feed pellet plants, etc. Small and medium feed pellet production.

5. By change the pellet machine dies , you can make feed pellets with different diameters with

one feed pellet machine.

6. Heat or steam application is required in pelletizing. Without adding any binder, it can directly

process mash feed into granules.

7. Since the machine is driven by a diesel engine, there is no redundant wire design, it will be very

convenient to move to the open air and use in places without electricity.

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Tel: +86 18103710497
Whatsapp: +86 18103710497
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