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The reason why the feed pellet machine is noisy

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1. There may be a bearing problem in a certain part of the granulator, which makes the machine run abnormally and the working current will fluctuate. The working current is too high (shut down to check or replace the bearing).
2. The ring die is blocked, or only part of the die hole is discharged. Foreign matter enters the ring die, the ring die is out of round, the gap between the pressing roller and the pressing die is too tight, the pressing roller is worn or the bearing of the pressing roller cannot be rotated, which will cause the granulator to vibrate (check or replace the ring die, and adjust the gap between the pressing rollers).
3. The coupling correction is unbalanced, there is a deviation between the height and the left, the granulator vibrates, and the oil seal of the gear shaft is easily damaged (the coupling must be calibrated to the horizontal line).
4. The main shaft is not tightened, especially for D-type or E-type machines. If the main shaft is loose, it will cause axial movement back and forth, the pressure roller swings obviously, the granulator is noisy and vibrates, and it is difficult to granulate (the butterfly spring at the end of the main shaft needs to be tightened). and round nuts).
5. The large and small gears are worn out, or a single gear is replaced, which will also cause a lot of noise (run-in time is required).
6. Uneven feeding at the discharge port of the conditioner will make the working current of the granulator fluctuate greatly (need to adjust the blades of the conditioner).
7. When using a new ring die, a new pressure roller must be prepared, and a certain proportion of sand chaff for grinding and polishing should be used (to prevent the use of inferior ring die).
8. Strictly control the tempering time and temperature, and keep abreast of the water content of the raw materials entering the machine. If the raw materials are too dry or too wet, the discharge will be abnormal and the granulator will work abnormally.
9. The steel frame structure is not firm, the steel frame vibrates during the normal operation of the granulator, and the granulator is prone to resonance (the steel frame structure must be reinforced).
10. The tail of the conditioner is not fixed or not fixed firmly to produce shaking (requires reinforcement).
11. Reasons for oil leakage of the granulator: oil seal wear, oil level too high, bearing damage, unbalanced coupling, body vibration, forced start, etc.

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