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Domestic vertical feed mixer 1000kg

Feed mixer poultry mixer grinding feed machine farm
  • 1000KG

Product Description

Product introduction

feed mixing mill is a complete set of equipment for feed processing, which integrates grinding and mixing. Applicable to small and medium-sized farms and feed processing plants. You can use it to produce your own feed without having to buy it from the market. This is the best way to make chickens organic.



It is a combined feed mill and mixer that has a vacuum to move the grain from the ground to the mill and then to the mixer. We also have a video on how they work together.


The feed crusher shell is made of high quality material by welding, and the Feed Inlet is on the top of the crusher. Can be used with a variety of forms of feed structure, hammerhead symmetrical layout. When the feed mixer works, the material enters the crushing chamber. Under the action of high-speed rotating hammer and screen plate friction, the material is gradually crushed and centrifuged. Under the action of force and airflow, discharge through the bottom outlet.



Animal/poultry feed mills and mixers 1000 kg vertical feed mills and mixers


Adopting advanced technology and high-quality materials, its structure is reasonable, its appearance is beautiful, its economic advantage and so on, its efficiency is more than double than its similar products, its price is less than 50% than its similar products. Products to the market has been highly trusted by the majority of users, at the same time, for the majority of users to save a lot of equipment funds, bringing huge economic benefits


Company Profile

Henan Sunshine Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of feed equipment (including poultry feed, ruminant feed, aquatic feed, pet feed) and biomass pellet equipment. Our products have been highly recognized by customers in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, South America, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions. We attach great importance to reputation and contract, and have won the market and won the praise of domestic and foreign customers. The company always adheres to the quality of customer service.




技术服务商Technical Service:

1.Design for production line flow and equipment layout freely according to the site.

2.Supply the foundation drawing of equipment and  drawing of parts made by buyer

3.Supply the technical parameters of peripheral   equipment.

4.During the operation,we can offer the technology service freely if the user needs to adjust the layout and  application.

5.During the operation, we only collect the cost if the  user  willing to upgrade the equipment when we have the  advantage technology.

售后无忧After-sales service

1. During installation and debugging, send technicians to the site to guide installation and debugging.

2. During the installation and commissioning process, we provide training services

3. The quality assurance date is one year after commissioning.

4. If the equipment fails due to improper handling by the user, we will be responsible for the maintenance and charge the corresponding fee.

5. We provide components with favorable price, lasting maintenance. After the quality assurance period, if the equipment needs to be repaired, we only charge the cost price.

Henan Sunshine Industrial . is a company specializing in the design, research, manufacture, sales and service of animal feed pelletizing machinery...
Tel: +86 18103710497
Whatsapp: +86 18103710497
Address: Huayuan Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
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