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Extruder operating procedures

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Check before starting up

    1. Check all parts, especially the connecting bolts and anchor bolts of each section of the expansion chamber, the connecting bolts between the motor base and the frame, and the connecting bolts between the expansion chamber and the base. There must be no looseness.

    2. Manually turn the main shaft to make it rotate. At this time, there should be no rubbing sound in the puffing chamber. If there is rubbing sound, it needs to be adjusted.

    3. Confirm that the oil level of the main engine gearbox is within the normal range.

    4. Make sure that the water level in the water tank is sufficient and the valve of the water pump pipeline is opened to the correct position.

    5. Check whether the liquid level of the grease adding tank is sufficient, and the valve of the liquid adding pipeline is opened to the correct position.


Preparations before starting up

    1. Start the water pump, adjust the return ball valve, and adjust the pressure reducing valve.

    2. Check the steam drum steam pressure of the pipe rack, remove the condensed water in the steam system, and open the steam trap of the pipe rack.

    3. Check the compressed air pressure, and jog each pneumatic valve to confirm its normal response.

    4. Install the template, tighten the bolts evenly and firmly, check whether the cutter is clean and firm, connect the cutting device to the template, lock the four locks, adjust the distance between the blade and the template to make it evenly close to the template, lock the adjustment wheel, and close Close the inspection doors on both sides and connect the socket wires of the cutting device.

    5. Set the jacket temperature and turn on the jacket's automatic heat preservation.

    6. Open the conditioner, check if there is any abnormality in the paddle, whether there is a large accumulation of material, and there must be no accumulation of material on the inner wall of the discharge port.

    7. Calculate the preset frequency of the fuel pump according to the liquid addition ratio and its equivalent displayed on the touch screen of the extruder, and input it in the "set frequency".


Boot operation process

    1. Start the feeding auger of the feeding bin and add material.

    2. Open a bypass at the unloading port, start the feeding auger and motor in sequence, start the moisture removal fan and air shutoff device, when the powder flows out of the bypass, turn on steam and water for conditioning, and start the grease addition pump.

    3. Turn on the gearbox oil pump motor, turn on the cooling circulating water, and start the main engine.

    4. When the quenching and tempering meet the requirements, increase the speed of the main machine and start the cutter motor. When the speed of the main machine is up to the point, close the bypass and feed the material into the puffing chamber.

    5. Observe the shape and moisture of the discharged material, monitor the puffing degree and bulk density, adjust steam and water, adjust the frequency of the cutter and the frequency of the main machine to ensure that the product meets the requirements and stabilizes production.

    6. Record production parameters, continuously monitor the discharge status, and adjust in time.


Shutdown operation process

    1. Switch the control mode. The control mode of all parameters in the interface is switched from "automatic" to "manual".

    2. The jacket temperature control is switched from "automatic" to "manual" and the jacket is stopped for heat preservation.

    3. Stop the feeding auger motor.

    4. Turn off the grease addition pump, close the steam pneumatic valve, set the opening of the steam proportional valve to "0", turn off the water tank pump and water spray solenoid valve, and set the opening of the water proportional valve to "0".

    5. Bypass the conditioner, and observe that when the host current reaches the appropriate level, reduce the host frequency to "0", then turn off the main motor and the cutter motor.

    6. Turn off the air blower motor and air shutter, and turn off the moisture exhaust fan and air shutter.

    7. Disassemble the mold, clean the template, add machine washing water, clean the expansion cavity, and clean the inner wall and discharge port.

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