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Extruder operation knowledge

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1. Basic knowledge of operating the extruder

1. Before pre-starting the machine on the same day, check whether the water reservoir of the conditioner can be circulated and fully supplied?

2. Check whether the cold water in the extruder and drying box is completely and smoothly discharged?

3. Check whether the hole class (mold) is used correctly during production and whether it is fixed?

4. Check whether the cutter is tight and whether it can cut in place in a full cycle? After adjusting the angle of the cutter, turn it on and see if the sound is the same as usual?

5. Is the steam supply cylinder of the extruder maintained above 0.6Mpa, and is the "tape measure" valve open for drainage?

6. Before starting the machine, open the oil rod (bearing oil tank) (gear oil tank) and start to see if the oil is circulating?

7. The boot sequence should be from bottom to top. Pay attention to whether the sound is the same as usual when booting?

2. Purpose: To ensure that puffing production operations operate under control and in accordance with prescribed methods and procedures.

(2) Boot sequence

1. When starting up, you should pay attention to the order of starting up, and the order should be from bottom to top.

2. Before starting the machine, you need to open the steam valve, drain the condensed water and check whether the pressure is normal (steam pressure is 0.5MPa).

3. Under normal circumstances, the main engine circulates oil and starts the main engine to clean the machine chamber, install the production hole shifter, cutter, and locking mold base to standby for production.

4. Check whether each instrument is normal, observe whether the discharge hole of the mixer is discharging material, and frequently observe whether the temperature meets the specified requirements to ensure the maturation of the puffed material.

5. According to the production type hole mold, process requirements and production capacity, budget the powder feeding speed, water addition amount, steam addition amount, and cutter speed.

3. Scope of application: Suitable for safe operation and maintenance of puffing equipment.

4. Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the refueling and maintenance of the equipment system of this position.

2. Be primarily responsible for the product quality of this position.

3. Be primarily responsible for the normal operation of the machinery and equipment in this position.

5. Operation method

(1) Preparation before starting up

1. Check that the screws in various parts must not be loose.

2. Check whether the water storage capacity of the reservoir meets production. Check whether the circulating oil of the main engine circulates normally.

3. Add oil to each lubrication part of the machine.

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