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Grinder maintenance

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Crusher is a processing machine widely used in agricultural production. However, some farmers do not strictly follow the procedures during use and neglect maintenance, which not only induces mechanical failures, but also greatly reduces the efficiency of crushing and processing. Therefore, when using the pulverizer, maintenance must not be ignored.

1. Check and clean up in time. After work every day, the machine should be cleaned in time, and the screws in each part should be checked for looseness and wear of vulnerable parts such as claws and sieves.

2. Add grease. The most commonly used is to assemble the cover type oil cup on the bearing. Under normal circumstances, you only need to rotate the oil cup cover 1/4 turn every 2 hours, and press the lubricating grease in the cup into the bearing. If it is a closed bearing, it can be filled with grease every 300 hours. After long-term use, if the grease deteriorates, the bearing should be cleaned and replaced with new grease. When the machine is working, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 40°C. If the temperature of the bearing continues to increase under normal working conditions, the cause should be found out and the fault should be eliminated.

3. Carefully clean the raw materials to be crushed. It is strictly forbidden to mix copper, iron, lead and other metal parts and large stones and other sundries into the crushing chamber.

4. Do not arbitrarily increase the speed of the pulverizer. Generally, the allowable difference from the rated speed is 8%-10%. When the pulverizer works with a larger power machine, attention should be paid to controlling the flow rate and making the flow rate uniform, and it should not be fast or slow.

5. After the machine is started, it is not allowed to disassemble or inspect any part inside the machine. Various tools shall not be randomly placed on the machine. When you hear an abnormal sound, stop the machine immediately, and wait for the machine to stop before overhauling.

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