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Factory sell Fish and Pet Feed Extruder Pellet plant

It can produce floating or sinking aquatic feeds for various fish and shrimps, as well as a variety of pet feeds for cats and dogs. The particle size can be from 0.9-15mm, with different sizes of feed. High-capacity and high-quality products.
Main motor power:
Feeder motor power:
Cutter motor power:
  • DGP135

Product Description


1.Fish feed pellet machine adopting international advanced technology, the pellets are very even.

2.We can adjust the cutter to get the different pellet diameter and the length.

3.High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.Also makes the pellets easily to digest and  absorb.

4.Pellet size from diameter 0.9mm-15mm just by changing the mould.

5The machine can make floating and sinking fish feed.For the float time,it can floating over 12  hours.

6.The machine also can make feed for pet with different shapes and we can customized the shape for you.

7.We can provide whole fish feed pellet production line.


Model Capacity Screw  Diameter Main  Power Feeding  Power Cutting  Power
DGP60 100-150kg/h φ60mm 15kw 0.4kw 0.4kw
DGP70 180-200kg/h φ70mm 18.5kw 0.4kw 0.4kw
DGP80 200-300kg/h φ80mm 22kw 0.6kw 0.6kw
DGP90 300-400kg/h φ90mm 37kw 0.6kw 0.8kw
DGP120 500-600kg/h φ120mm 55kw 1.1kw 1.5kw
DGP135 700-800kg/h φ133mm 75kw 1.1kw 2.2kw
DGP160 1.0-1.2t/h φ155mm 90kw 1.5kw 3.0kw
DGP200 1.8-2.0t/h φ195mm 132kw 2.2kw 3..0kw



                                  Characteristic              Picture
Hammer mill

The crusher machine is mainly used for grinding the raw materials like soybean,maize etc.

Grind all raw materials in powder

Can make different fineness powder

Including Cyclone&Dust collecter


Mixer machine

The mixer machine is mainly be used to mix all kinds of raw material evenly, such as wheat meal, corn meal,sorghum meal,bone meal,meat meal and so on,it also can mix other micro- ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and other feed additives.

Mixing uniformity(CV≤5%)

Extruder machine

Making fish and pet feed

The diameter of fish feed range from 0.9-12mm

Making different shape pet feed

Making floating and sinking fish,Floating time not less than 12 hours


Dry machine

Mesh belt dryer machine is used to reduce the final feed mositure

The equipment has simple structure and convenient installation and maintenance.

There are two heat source way,Electrictity or steam 

The mesh belt is stainless steel

Sprayer machine

The powder additive is poured into the hopper of the spreader, and is evenly sprinkled onto the surface of the pellet feed by the internal pushing material.

The barrel is stainless steel.


Cooler machine

Octagonal cooling box design, no cooling dead corners, closed air feeder for feeding, large air inlet area, significant cooling effect

The temperature of the finished product after cooling is not higher than room temperature +3℃-5℃


Auto Packing scale  The packing scale can pack the finish feed pellet into bags,thus it is more convenient for storage and transport.

Packing scale:1-25kg/bag

Packing speed:6-8bag/min

Including auto weight+auto sewing+transport


 Raw Material

The  raw  material  is:  Flour,corn  meal,soybean  meal,maize meal ,meat  meal,bone  meal,fish  meal  etc.

Fitness:  about  60-80mesh  which  were  crushed  and  mixed.

Moisture  content:  about  20%-25%.


Fish Feed Pellet Sample



Good quality comes from precision  processing machines




Our services

1、We can according to client's requirement to design the most suitable project

2We can also provide formula as reference


3、After we get the order,we will provide the installation drawing within 3-5 working days
4、We can send our engineer to client's local for advising installation;

5、After installation and adjust,we will training our customer's work how to operate;

6、Training worker how to maintain and protect

7、Every month we will send  the return visit letter to every regular client for project situation and Suggestions are welcome

Our advantages


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