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High quality feed pellets

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Now for farmers, the feed pellet machine has been widely used, but they will encounter some problems when using it, such as the feed pellet machine does not produce pellets or the feed is too loose, then we How should we solve it? Let's talk about how to solve it!

1. The die hole of the pellet machine is blocked, and the die hole should be opened

2. The feed inlet and agitator of the feed pellet machine are blocked, and the blockage should be removed in time

3. The gap between the grinding disc and the pressure wheel of the feed pellets is slightly improper, or the matching is improper, or the wear is serious, and the feed pellets will not be produced.

4. The new machine has no running-in or insufficient running-in, the hole diameter is rough and not smooth, and the holes are uneven and not vertical, which also leads to no particles

5. Feeding too fast during operation will cause the grinding hole of the machine to be blocked, resulting in the phenomenon that the machine does not produce grains

6. The feed pellet machine has been placed for too long, it has not been used for a long time, and if it is not maintained for a long time, the grinding disc and pressure wheel will be corroded, which will affect the grain output.

7. If the material is not sufficiently crushed, the material particles of the granulator will be too large to be granulated, resulting in no output

8. The water content of raw materials is too high or too low. If the water content is too high, the powder will not be too much, but the hardness of the pellets is low, and the pellets produced by the feed pellet machine are easy to loosen. If the moisture content of the raw material is low, it will be difficult to extrude, resulting in too much powder

9. The position of the cutter is wrong, and the output material is extruded into powder (but if the hole is often blocked, it is unlikely)

10. Check whether the voltage is stable

These are some of the reasons why the feed pellet machine does not discharge or loose. After reading it, everyone has a little idea. When there is a problem with the feed pellet machine, don’t worry too much. You can try these methods.

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