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Major parts for ring die feed pellet machine

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1. Feeder

Feeder consists of screw shaft, shell, cycloid pin gear reducer, conversion speed-adjustable motor, bearing with housing, e pick of screw is of full face. The pitch is variable. The screw shaft is driven to rotate by cycloid pin gear reducer, conversion speed-adjustable motor and chain drive to achieve the function of conveying feed.

2. Conditioner

Conditioner is sometimes called mixer. It consists of mixer shaft, picks, shell, axial sleeve collective pipe, steam system, bearing with housing, pulley, reducing motor.

temperature controller, etc. Conditioner shell is pieced together with two sections whose length can be added properly according to the requirements of user. There is a sight and cleaning door for the convenience of maintenance and cleaning. When conditioning steam passes through the sleeve steam collective pipe and inlet is changed from radial to axial to make steam and feed fully contact and improve the conditioning effects.

3. Die hoist( Option)

This device is used for user's convenience of disassembling and assembling die and roller. Worm gear and worm are used for driving. When in use, pull out the guide connect the hole of hoist and the screw hole on die with bolt for hoisting.

4. Feed Chute

Feed chute consists of chute, lever arm, inspection door, shell, etc. It adopts full stainless steel. You can inspect the conditioning quality of feed at every time by opening the inspection door. The inspection door can be used as a manual feeding port for abrading the die and feeding the greasy materials. External discharging lever arm of feed chute can prevent feed from entering the pellet chamber for the convenience of trial run and breakdown removal.

5. Main drive box

See Figure 2 for the structure of gearbox which consists of pinion shaft, main gear,main shaft, quill shaft, gearbox body, die, roller, etc. A motor drives pinion shaft to rotate through S-shaped spring coupling, pinion shaft meshes with main gear so that the main gear is driven to rotate. And die is connected with quill shaft through die clamp and key resulting in the rotation of die. Main shaft does rotate (except overload) during the normal run, the front end is stationary support of roller and deflector, the rear end is equipped with overload protection system.


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