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Preventive measures for poor pelleting effect of pellet feed machine

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Based on years of experience and summary, we have summarized the following six preventive measures for the poor pelleting effect of the pellet feed machine, hoping to be helpful to your future feed production.

  1. The particles have axial cracks or radial cracks, and the pulverization rate is high and the output is low. The reason for this phenomenon may be that the quenching and tempering temperature cannot be reached, and the degree of maturation of the material is poor. The specific solution should be improved. The tempering temperature increases the amount of steam during tempering; it may also be that the position of the cutter is far away and dull, so that the particles are short or torn instead of being cut;

2. The surface of the particles is not smooth and the pulverization rate is high. It may be that the compression ratio of the ring die is relatively small, and the compression hole should be increased;

3. The surface of the particles is relatively smooth, but the hardness is too high, which may be due to the relatively large compression of the ring die, and the compression ratio of the ring die should be reduced;

4. When the moisture content of the particles is high, the production output is low, and the machine is often blocked. It may be that the pressure reducing valve cannot play a role in reducing pressure or the trap valve cannot play a hydrophobic role. The pressure reducing valve should be adjusted to enter the conditioner. The steam pressure is 0.1-0.4MPa, so that the trap can play a hydrophobic role. The tempering temperature can also be increased accordingly, because the increase of the temperature is beneficial to the improvement of the maturation degree of the material. Generally, the moisture of the material increases by about 1% when the temperature increases by 11 °C;

5. The length of the pellets is different, the distance of the cutter should be adjusted or the position of the scraping deflection should be adjusted;

6. The tension of the belts of the two motors should be adjusted at the position where the current deviation of the two motors is large, so that the tension is as consistent as possible.

Of course, in addition to the above common phenomena and preventive measures, in real life, we will encounter all kinds of situations, which are different. Therefore, this requires us to deal with specific situations so that the feed machinery can operate efficiently for a long time and bring convenience to our work.

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