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The Maintenance for Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine

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1. Daily Maintenance

A. Strictly follow the lubrication diagram to inject lube to each lubrication point. Note that the correct choice of lube is very important for the normal run of pellet mill.

For main shaft bearing, roller bearing and other bearing, use NO.2 high-grade lithium radial lube or its similar grease; For the inside of the gearbox, use the imported high-grade antioxidant turbine engine oil or the NO.120 industrial gear oil we can provide complete specifications.

If user must choose some unproved grease or dilute oil of other brand, please inform us it’s specification so that we can compare some index to make sure if it can be used.

B. Check the distance between knife and die every shift to make sure that it is not smaller than 3mm.

C. Check every shift to see of bolts and screws in the pellet chamber are loose.

D. Remove the accumulated feed in the pellet chamber and on the surface of the machine every shift.

E. Inject about 30g lube to each roller bearing every four hours. Inject 50g lube to the main shaft bearing every 8-10 hours.


2. Regular check and Maintenance

A. Check the oil level of feeder and reducer and chain drive every week. Replace oil in the reducer after the initial run of 500 hours, later replace oil once every 1000 hours of continuous run.

B. Check the wear conditions of wear ring and driving key every week and replace in time

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