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The effect of folic acid on chickens

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Folic acid is yellow or orange-yellow crystalline powder, odorless, tasteless, almost insoluble in cold water, with the increase of water temperature and solubility in acidic or alkaline solutions, but with the increase of temperature or the increase or decrease of pH, folic acid can be The titer drops rapidly, especially in acidic solutions, where the loss is faster. Folic acid can also be destroyed by UV light, but has good stability in dry and dark conditions. Can be stored in a cool, dry place for at least one year in an airtight package.


The stability of folic acid in premix and compound feed is poor. Mainly affected by light and moisture, trace minerals sulfate, chloride and choline chloride with strong hygroscopicity have a great influence on the potency of folic acid. Therefore, try to avoid compatibility with these substances. Generally speaking, 5%~10% of folic acid is lost during the production process of premix or dry powder compound feed, and 20%~40% is lost after 1 month of storage.

The crushing, granulation and puffing of the feed will cause greater damage to folic acid, and the loss rate is 10% to 50%. The loss of folic acid in canned feed sterilization increases with the increase of sterilization temperature and time, and the effect of temperature is greater than that of time, and the general loss rate is 45% to 55%. High temperature sterilization of dry powder will destroy almost all folic acid in the feed, and reducing the moisture in the feed can reduce the loss rate of folic acid. Although the stability of coated folic acid products is improved during feed processing and storage, losses are still high during extrusion and sterilization of feed, especially autoclaving.

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