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pellet production

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Check whether the raw materials are consistent. Refer to the low four materials for pellet production.

1. Insert the plug of the machine and press the power button. The engine should start and the mold turning.

If the engine does not turn, immediately press the stop button and check or investigate the cause of the failure


2. Place a container (eg bucket) into the pellet chute.

3. Place a small amount of source material into the feed tube. Be sure not to fill too much material at once, because

The machine may jam.

4. After a few moments, the pellets will fall into the pellet chute and be collected. Particles can reach

Final hardness is only after cooling.

5. Put in the remaining materials, and replace the container filled with granules.

6. Do not stop the machine during the pill pressing operation (except for emergency situations), otherwise

The machine will be jammed to restart.

7. Press the stop button to stop the machine.

8. Clean the machine once. This step is very important. It seems that the ingredients are cold.

They will stay completely inside the rolling case and will be difficult to remove.

NOTE: If satisfactory pellets are not obtained during the first test run of the machine, the pellets

The resulting should be reintroduced into the feeding tube. More ingredients should be added, such as sawdust,

Thereby improving pellet production quality.

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