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Feed resource status

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The status of feed resources investigated by Sunshine Industry is summarized as follows:


feed grain raw materials

Feed grains mainly include corn, sorghum, barley, rice, potatoes and other miscellaneous grains used as feed.

The proportion of feed grain in conventional concentrated feed has always been around 80%. At present, the annual grain output is about 45 billion tons. The total amount of grain that can be used for feed every year does not exceed 10 billion tons (the ratio of feed grain to total grain production is 20%), of which only about 1/3 is used in the feed industry, and about 2/3 is scattered in the hands of agricultural producers.


Bran and residue

Bran feed is a by-product after grain processing. The national annual output is more than 22 million tons, 85% of which can be used for feed. Among them, wheat bran has the highest yield, followed by rice bran, sorghum bran, corn bran, and millet bran. Wait for other miscellaneous chaff.

Residue resources come from the brewing industry, sugar industry, non-staple food processing industry, etc., including distiller's lees, vinegar lees, soy sauce lees, bean dregs, flour dregs, beet dregs, etc. The annual production of various types of waste residues in the country can reach more than 30 million tons, 95% of which can be used for feed. At present, only 50% is used for feed, and the rest is wasted. The development potential of this type of resource is huge.


Cake raw materials

Cake feed is a by-product of soybean, cotton and oilseed oil extraction, including soybean cake, cottonseed cake, rapeseed cake, peanut cake, sunflower cake, flax cake, sesame cake, etc.

The output of various types of cakes can reach more than 15 million tons, but only about 30% is used for feed. The main reasons for underutilization are as follows:

① Soybean cake has a wide range of uses. In addition to being used in feed, it is also widely used in the food, brewing, and pharmaceutical industries;

② Cottonseed cake and rapeseed cake, which account for 65% of the cake resources, contain toxins and their utilization is restricted, and many of them are used to fertilize fields;

③A single feeding method is common, resulting in cakes and cypresses not being able to play their due role, resulting in a serious waste of cake resources.


animal feed ingredients

Animal feed resources can be divided into animal protein feed resources and animal mineral feed resources. The former includes fish meal, meat and bone meal, blood meal, hydrolyzed pig hair meal, feather meal and silkworm chrysalis; the latter mainly includes bone meal and eggshell meal.

The amount of animal feed resources can reach more than 5 million tons, but the actual feeding rate is very low, less than 10%. Such resources are widely distributed, difficult to concentrate, prone to spoilage, have high processing costs, and are difficult to utilize. According to statistics, the utilization rate of blood, bone, and meat meal resources by large and medium-sized meat processing plants across the country is less than 25%, and the utilization rate of feathers and fur scraps is even lower, with small towns and rural areas not using them at all. Therefore, this type of feed resource has great potential.

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