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How to choose fish feed

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Choice of shape type

Which type of feed depends on the characteristics of the farmed object, such as feeding habits and feeding methods.

The powder is suitable for feeding water flowers and stir-frying, and the food habits of unique varieties are different. For example, the small fry of domestic fish can only eat powdery and granular things; the raw materials of eel are also powdery. Eel rearing is now moving in the direction of domesticating extruded pellets.

At present, most of the fish feed is granular, which is better than powder, and is suitable for feeding in water. The loss of nutrients in the water is less than that of the powder, and the pollution of the water quality is reduced at the same time. When selecting pellets, it should be noted that the size of the pellets is consistent with the size of the mouth crack of the cultured object, so as to facilitate the normal feeding and swallowing of the cultured object.

Choice of granularity

The particle size of fish feed is generally between 0.5-8.0 mm, and the particle size is basically two-thirds of the longitudinal length of the aquatic fish mouth crack. If the longitudinal length of the mouth of the breeding object is 9 mm, it is suitable for feeding feed with a particle size of 6 mm, which will neither cause waste nor affect feeding. If the particles are too large, the fish will be inconvenient to swallow, and if the particles are too small, they will be unpalatable, and consume a lot of energy from the fish. Pay attention to palatability.

The granularity of aquatic feed is powdery, pulverized, 0.5, 1.0-8.0 mm, etc., and it is fed with aquatic products with different openings. Generally, the particle size of adult fish is 2.0-4.0; juvenile fish use powder and crushed material, and small fish use 1.0 particle size material.

choice of color

In general, better feeds have a bright sheen and consistent color. This sensory index reflects that the crushing power of the feed is good, the processing technology is reasonable, and the fineness of the feed raw materials of the compound feed is high. It is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of fish and shrimp, which is different from livestock and poultry feed. If the color of the feed is blue and inconsistent, most of this feed will be moldy or spoiled, especially in wet weather, it is easy to mold and cannot be purchased.

Plus, the sticky feed is not available. Due to the formula ingredients, humidity, mixing and other processing techniques, some nutrients may change after the feed is glued, which is not conducive to the feeding of fish. Therefore, this kind of feed is also not suitable to buy.

choice of scent

Various feed ingredients have specific smells and tastes. For example, good fish feeds generally have a normal fishy smell and a pleasant smell due to the use of fishmeal. In the case of poor quality feed, there is less or no fishy smell due to the use of some fishmeal substitutes.

In addition, poor-quality feed may have a musty or "smelly" smell, indicating that the fat in the feed has been oxidized and moldy or spoiled feed cannot be selected. Once this kind of feed is fed, it may cause a large number of fish deaths and pollute the water quality, and this kind of feed should not be used.

Choice of water stability

Fish feed is fed with water, which is different from livestock feed. The feed is required to be stable in the water for a certain period of time to prevent the nutrients from dissolving in the water, which is conducive to the centralized feeding of fish, improves the utilization rate of the feed, and reduces the cost of the feed. Prevent water quality from deteriorating.

To this end, when buying, you can take some feed and soak it in water for a while to see how stable it is in water. When buying aquafeed, take a little and soak it in water for a period of time, including the powder, to see how long it floats in the water and see how good the feed is. If it sinks quickly or loosely, the material should not be used.

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