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How to save energy and reduce consumption of feed grinder?

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Sunshine Industry tells you how to save energy and reduce the consumption of feed grinders. Sunshine Industry understands that many users may have such problems when using feed grinders, why can't they reach the predetermined power? Is this a problem with the feed grinder or an operational problem. Generally speaking, if there are no problems after the new machine comes home, then if the machine consumes more energy, it is generally an operating problem.

If the raw materials need to be ultra-finely crushed, the efficiency is often lower than that of coarse materials because the mesh of the feed grinder is very fine. However, in the crushing operation, if hard-to-break and easily-breakable raw materials are mixed for micro-crushing, the efficiency of micro-crushing can be improved. During the feed crushing process, the loss of hammers and screens is relatively fast. After using it for a period of time, the screen needs to be cleaned in time to prevent the holes from clogging. After using the hammer for a while, the hammer reverses. If the hammer and filter are worn or severely damaged, they should be replaced in time.

Use fans and cloth bags for cleaning to keep the air assist system at good negative pressure and throughput. After the pulse fan has stopped, clean the pulse bag later. Ensuring the bag is clean improves bag usage time and fan efficiency.

If you want to save energy and reduce consumption, these are the more common and traditional methods to try. If the feed crusher is in relatively benign operating condition for a long time, it will also be beneficial to the long-term use of the machine.

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