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Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine Main Parts

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1. Feida

The feeder consists of a screw shaft, a casing, a cycloid reducer, a variable speed motor, a bearing with a seat, and a full-face screw pick. Pitch is variable. The screw shaft is driven by the cycloid reducer, frequency conversion motor and chain drive to rotate the screw shaft to realize the function of conveying feed.

2. Conditioner

Conditioners are also sometimes called mixers. It is composed of stirring shaft, air pick, shell, shaft sleeve collection pipe, steam system, bearing with seat, pulley, geared motor and so on.

The shell of the conditioner such as the thermostat is spliced by two sections

The length can be appropriately increased according to user requirements. there is a sight and

Cleanout door for easy servicing and cleaning. During conditioning

The steam passes through the sleeve steam collecting pipe, and the inlet is changed from radial direction to

The axial direction makes the steam fully contact with the material and improves the tempering effect.

3. Die elevator (optional)

This device is used to facilitate the user to disassemble the mold and

roller. Worm gears and worms are used for transmission. When in use, pull out the rail

Use bolts to connect the hanger hole with the screw hole on the mold for hoisting.

4. Feed chute

The feeding chute is composed of chute, lever arm, inspection door, shell, etc.

Stainless steel. You can check the conditioning quality of the feed at any time by opening it

Check the door. The access door can be used as a manual feeding port

Grinding molds and feeding greasy material. Feed outer discharge lever arm

The chute prevents feed from entering the pellet chamber for easy commissioning

and troubleshooting.

5. Main transmission box

The structure of the gearbox is shown in Figure 2. It consists of a pinion shaft, a main gear,

Spindle, quill, gear box, mould, roller, etc. The motor drives the pinion shaft to rotate

Through the S-shaped spring coupling, the pinion shaft meshes with the main gear, so that the main gear

The gear is driven to rotate. Dies are connected to quill shafts by die clamps and keys

cause the mold to rotate. Spindle does not rotate (except overload)

During normal operation, the front end is the static support of the roller and deflector, and the rear end is the

Equipped with overload protection system.

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